Fee-Only Investment Advisors
Move with Confidence Toward Your Goals


Making smart decisions about investing and retirement is no easy task. We serve those who want an independent, unbiased adviser to provide the advice and solutions critical to their financial future.

Fee-Only Investment Advisors, LLC provides Fee-Only investment management and retirement planning with offices in Columbia and Jefferson City, Missouri.

“Fee-Only” means the advisor works commission-free and conflict-free. We do not accept third-party compensation or sell products. We work with fidelity for the client and are only paid by the client. You get the peace of mind that comes with knowing that the advice is designed to enrich your life and are not to enrich the wallet of a salesperson.

Our independence permits us to evaluate your situation and provide competent, unbiased solutions to help you move with confidence toward your most heartfelt goals and aspirations, and ultimately to a meaningful and fulfilling retirement.

Don’t be fooled by other firms who claim to be independent when, in fact, they are affiliated with a brokerage firm or parent organization that drives their agenda. Similarly, if someone tells you that it won’t cost you anything to work with them – or that they provide “free” financial plans – you’d be wise to say “No, thanks” and distance yourself from them as quickly as possible. The price you do not see can be very steep indeed.

The only way to get independent advice and investment management is to work with a truly independent advisor. Look for a Registered Investment Advisor who will act as a fiduciary – an important word that means the advisor is legally and ethically bound to put your best interests first. And, to be 100% certain that you are receiving competent, objective advice, look for a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ (CFP) professional with several years of experience, preferably a NAPFA-Registered Financial Advisor - a mark of distinction. Visit NAPFA.org to learn more.

Visit our page "Who We Are" that describes the President of the firm. You will be impressed with the background and credentials that can be focused to solve your challenges or manage your portfolio as you reach for your highest goals.

We encourage you to compare others to our firm. We offer a checklist to compare advisory firms. We do not fear being compared, because we want you to take the time to find an advisor working on your behalf to make your future dreams come alive.
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